Simon May is a British award-winning composer working both in the UK and internationally. Established as one of the leading UK television music composers his work boasts an incredible breadth of genres, including film and TV drama, documentaries, sports events, advertising, hit songs and stage musicals. Simon’s music has fronted some of the most popular shows on British TV including Howards Way and one of the most recognisable pieces of music on TV today, EastEnders.


Simon was a Choral Scholar at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he gained an M.A. Hons in French & German. He taught modern languages at Kingston Grammar School before signing to SonyATV Music as a professional songwriter.

Simon has received numerous awards and nominations for his music, including winning an Ivor Novello for ‘Every Loser Wins’ as well as two TRIC Awards for Best TV Theme for EastEnders and Howard’s Way.

Of all the recent production music and TV themes which Simon has written over a long and successful career, he is especially proud of the tracks which he and Ben Robbins contributed in 2021 to the KPM ‘Happy Birthday’ album, produced by Rob (Smit) Smith and Judy Sichlinger for KPM/EMI Production Music … including ‘Happy Birthday Mozart’ which is a happy return and tribute to the composer who has influenced Simon’s writing as much as the Beatles, George Michael and Dolly Parton … “They all have one thing in common” says Simon: “writing memorable melodies”.

Over the past 10 years Simon has continued his passion for education and found time to teach music therapy to children with special needs … he is currently developing his follow-up to his musical ‘Smike’: ‘Rick a modern sequel to the legend of Rip Van Winkle’.

Graham Norton Interview

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DOOF DOOF My Life In Music

‘Doof Doof’ the Autobiography Collection of Simon May and the unabridged Autobiography book – released in 2 different formats on 28th August 2015.

Paying tribute to Barbara Windsor

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