Work starts soon on the score for ‘Silent Hours’, a feature thriller movie, written and directed by Mark Greenstreet for Gallery Pictures.


A psychopathic sexual killer is stalking the naval city of Portsmouth during the silent hours - navy slang for the night period on a warship between 'pipes down' and 'call the hands'. The ship runs silent and dark. Psychiatrist Dr Catherine Benson is treating private detective John Duval, an ex-Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy and Naval Intelligence, for his disturbed sexual proclivities - aggravated, she suspects,  by a  combination of  the  seedy  nature

of his present work and a severe trauma experienced as a young Lieutenant whilst on active service in the Falklands. When an old naval friend of Duval's engages him to investigate his wife, whom he believes to be having an affair, Duval's life rapidly descends into the shadowy world of the psychopathic sexual killer on the prowl - someone who appears to be targeting females connected to Duval's personal and professional life. As his investigations progress and his involvement deepens, what emerges from those shadows are disturbing revelations of his own past. That cast includes Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company actor Hugh Bonneville, best known for his role as Robert, Earl of Grantham in ITV's hit series Downton Abbey.


Two tracks written and produced on the new Blake album, ‘I’m Drowning’ and  ‘All Of Me’ (Simon May/ John Brant/ Simon Lockyer).


After a three year wait, the new album from BRIT-Award-winning harmonisers is released! Available from all top music retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Sainsbury’s and


The album critics are calling BLAKE’s best yet.


Tracks mixed and mastered by Keith Bessey.


Title songs ‘I Was Loved By You’ and ‘Forever In My Heart’ written for the movie ‘London 1666’ (Currently on slate for production this year).


The script (written by Phillip Skipp) is a character driven story, set around the Great Fires of London during 1666, a fire which consumed roughly 70,000 out of the 80,000 homes throughout London.


The script follows a young man in his quest to reconcile his past, win the girl of his dreams, and survive the Great Fire of London. The script is a thrilling ride of love, action, and suspense which will be a movie to remember.